Fireproof Filing Cabinets

Our fireproof safes & filing cabinets are designed to withstand the full intensity of a fire ranging from 30 minutes up to two hours.


  • Combined fire and burglary protection in one safe
  • Perfect for the protection of legal papers and other important documents
  • Fire resistance of up to two hours


Case Study:


The Scene –


AKM Products, St. Helens Business Park, Lea Green, St. Helens


  • A disastrous fire – lasting 4 days
  • 800 chemicals and rubber products - destroyed
  • 1000 tons of stock – destroyed
  • 150 firemen - experienced, dedicated, weary but unbowed
  • 20 fire engines – irreplaceable


The Survivors –


  • A Phoenix DS2002 Data Safe – unbeaten
  • All the AKM Products company records and accounts stored in the Phoenix DS2002 Data Safe – undamaged
  • The future for AKM – secure
  • 150 firemen - a job well done
  • 20 fire engines - wondering about a valet?


The Result –


  • AKM Products - was able to return to full production within 48 hours
  • AKM Products – within two weeks 1,000 tons of stock had been replaced
  • AKM Products – normal business was resumed
  • 150 firemen returned to normal duties – happy with a job well done
  • 20 fire engines valeted, serviced and happy with life


Those are the bare facts represented by a date and circumstances that the staff of AKM Products are not likely to forget in a hurry.


The site had comprised of a warehouse and the offices from which the whole sales and logistics organisation operated. Despite the heroic efforts of the 150 nfiremen and the 20 fire engines, the fire destroyed the entire 1000 tons of stock. It was not until the forth day after the flames had been finally extinguished, that the site was cool enough and safe enough for investigators to search the ruins and discover the Phoenix data safe with all the company’s records safe, intact and completely unharmed after such a ferocious fire.


Always in stock, Chubb 2 hour fireproof filing cabinets in 2, 3 and 4 drawer. Suitable for all your documents and deeds.

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